The Human Body

Remember that ultimately the best way to improve your game is by playing the game!!!  However, it is extremely important to take great care of and train your body. Everything you will find here is supplementary.  It requires discipline and practice, but it will make you a better hockey player.  The body is an extraordinarily powerful machine capable of any feat the mind believes.  It is the mind that limits the body. That's why it is so important to train the mind.  The body is the easy part in practice it just requires your smart and hard work!

Your Body is a Universe

Your body is one of the most complex, unique and incredible organisms on the planet.  Did you know the human body is made up of anywhere between 35 trillion to 70 trillion cells!  Scientists are not exactly sure how many trillions, but that's TRILLIONS with a "T.” You are a universe within yourself that is just how amazing you are and how precious life is.

  Your body is a chain of separate parts that act as one.  Your muscles are connected from head to toe. Separate parts of the same whole.  Our goal, is to optimize the functionality of these parts to make them work together as one and not against each other.  This will allow you to function optimally and help prevent injury.

How are You Going to Treat Your Body

   To NHL hockey players, their body is a multi-million dollar machine!  Without training their bodies, they would not be in the NHL. Consider this, if your body was a multi-million dollar computer that ran all of the important functions of a business what would you do with it?  How would you treat it? If it made you millions of dollars would you put drugs in it? Would you poor alcohol all over it? Would you be completely reckless and destructive with it? I hope not!!! If you had such a computer you would hopefully take the best possible care of it!!!  You would give it the best parts, keep it clean, energized, monitored, and do everything necessary to keep it running at its best!!!

  As you can see taking care of your body is not just something you do in the gym.  It is an all the time thing. It is how you eat, how you sleep, what you put in it, and how you treat it.  It is your machine and you only get one so take great care of it!!!

Read through the information here on training, nutrition, exercise, sleep, the nervous system, brain, gut, balance, breath and tools to keep your body at its optimal ability.  There is a lot to cover. Take your time learning these things and practice integrating them into your life to create good habits. Do you have to do all of this? No, but it will make you a better hockey player and that's our goal here so give it a try!!!