The Way of the Heart

Have you felt it before?  Those powerful feelings in your heart.  When you desire something in life? You can feel in your heart the desire, attraction and drive to having what you want!  That feeling is electromagnetic energy and it is extremely powerful. I am going to explain to you how this energy works, how it connects to your mind as well as your environment.  I will also explain how to use it to achieve all of your dreams in life!

This is the power of the heart!!! The heart produces the strongest electric and magnetic fields in the body. The heart's electrical field is 100,000X stronger than the brain's, and the heart's magnetic field is up to 5,000X stronger than the brain's! In other words, your heart is extremely powerful! This electromagnetic field the heart produces communicates with your brain, other living things and all things in your environment.  This "environment" science has called "CONSCIOUSNESS."

Consciousness is the force/energy that holds all particles together.  All objects, living things, and even the earth have an electromagnetic field.  Therefore, not only are you literally a part of this Consciousness. YOU are an active PARTICIPATOR in this energetic field, Consciousness!!!  In simple terms, this means that you literally have the power to influence this field with your heart and mind!!! This is the most valuable information of all to the secrets of success.  While the brain/mind creates these electromagnetic energies with your thoughts, words and actions. The heart works through its feelings and emotions to project these energies into your environment.  These energies between your heart and mind are in constant communication and are working with your environment. This is why it is so extremely important to think good thoughts, take positive action and spread positive energy in your environment!!!

What does this all mean?  This means that the beliefs you hold in your heart and mind are powerfully attracting and repelling situations, people, events, objects and experiences into your life.  Often times coincidences happen in our life some so uncanny its hard to even imagine possible. However, it is no coincidence at all! It is your heart, mind and consciousness at work bringing you into synchronicity with that which you have attracted into your life!  Another way to think of this is how a magnet attracts and repels. Energetically, we do the same things as human beings. Often times this power remains unknown to the individual.

Few people discover this true power within themselves.  It is built into each and every human being. It is your power and you are more powerful than you can imagine.  To find success in all that you do in life, it is most powerful to unlock this power and harness it.

To summarize, your beliefs while created by the mind are felt by the heart.  From the heart, you influence the world around you. This is how you literally attract or repel things in your life, whatever you desire or want to achieve.  This is why if you do not believe that something is possible, or that you are not capable, you will not achieve or have that which is desired. The heart's BELIEF'S literally change MATTER!  That means YOU are not an observer of this world YOU are a PARTICIPATOR. YOU are the CREATOR of YOUR WORLD!!!

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For a slightly more scientific explanation please read:  Our environment is made of Atoms. Everything is made of Atoms.  An atom is made up of 99.99% energy, yes it is basically a tiny electromagnetic field.  Therefore, our environment is really just energy, electromagnetic fields. Remember the heart produces an electromagnetic field.  Scientifically, if you change the electric field you will change the way an atom behaves! This is known as the Stark Effect. Scientifically, if you change the magnetic field you will change the way an atom behaves.  This is known as the Zeeman Effect. Our heart creates standing waves of energy that have these effects on atoms. The heart can influence the way an atom behaves!!! The heart's energy, BELIEF'S, literally change MATTER!!!  That means YOU are not an observer of this world YOU are a PARTICIPATOR. YOU are the CREATOR of YOUR WORLD!!!

If you would like to learn more I strongly suggest watching this speech by Dr. Bruce Lipton called "The Biology of Belief."